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The Lone Worker Alarm is a unique telephone or PDA device that makes use of a radio frequency that gives the user immediate notification of an intruder. This device comes with two keys which when touched by an intruder, will trigger the alarm to be activated.The Lone Worker Alarm comes with a CD that contains the alarms information. The alert message will be displayed on the screen of the PDA and the user can easily set a reminder for themselves by pressing a button on the device. The device works in a similar manner to a regular personal alarm; it only works in the presence of the user.

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The Personal Alarm works in three different ways. It can be set to ring during the night to let you know that there is a person in your home who you do not know. In addition, if you want to have a device that is always on call so that you are alerted in case your home gets broken into. Finally, if you want to have a device that will alert you to a thief who has broken into your home, this may be just what you need.When the Personal Alarm first begins working, it will tell you that you are on. From there, it will use a transmitter and receiver that is attached to your phone or PDA to notify you that there is someone in your home. If the person ignores the message, a timer starts counting down to the alarm going off so that you have the time to contact the security company.

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If the alarm goes off and the person does not leave your home, a photo of the person will be sent to the police to help identify them. They will also be able to see where the intrusion took place and how much money was stolen.The Lone Worker Alarm may be set to be triggered at any time by a key being pushed on the device. The user may then be able to contact the security company by pressing a button that will go on the device.

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When the Lone Worker Alarm is set up, it will be delivered in the mail to the address you gave the company. It will not expire, so you will have it forever.The Personal Alarm is the perfect solution for any family, particularly those that are looking for a unique way to protect their home from burglary. It does not take much space and is very affordable for many people. If you are concerned about safety in your home, you should consider this option.